Tips To Buy Big Sizes Men Shoes

Buying shoes in big sizes for men is a real challenge, mostly because this problem is more popular in women. Since women got wide hips, their soles also tend to become wider with time. Therefore, if you end up in this situation as a man, you need to take great care, only to make sure that you can find a comfortable pair. Such products are sometimes hard to find, but also hard to size as well. Fortunately, a few tips and tricks will ensure a decent result in no time.” said a shoes expert from

Understanding sizes

When shopping for differently sized footwear, it is essential to know exactly how sizes work for wide feet. As a general rule, extra wide shoes for men are marked with E. Just like with any other kind of shoes, the wide units can be found in numerous widths. Practically, the more Es you can find in the size description, the wider the respective unit is. Believe it or not, you may also find EEEE sizes, which are extremely wide.

Measuring the foot

In order to tell exactly what foot size you need, reach to a professional salesperson to measure it or just do it yourself. If you do it yourself, stand on some paper and trace its contour on the paper. Once you are done, use a ruler to measure both the length and the width. A wide foot will obviously ask for a few Es in the size. Fortunately, there are plenty of converters online and they target various sizes from multiple countries. Therefore, make sure that you find one for the country you plan to order from.

Height and width

When interested in purchasing shoes in big sizes, it is essential to realize that there is a general rapport between height and width. If you got wide feet, you will most likely end up with a decent height as well. This is practically the factor that causes most problems. If you can find the right width, the length is probably too high. In other words, you might have to spend quite a while in order to locate the right size, in both height and width.

Shoe types

The type of shoe is just as important. Practically, every buyer has something in mind. For instance, you cannot buy a pair of sporty shoes for your banking job. On the same principle, some elegant shoes are not really appropriate for running or bicycling. From this point of view, there are multiple other factors you have to pay attention to. A pair of athletic shoes is supposed to feel comfortable. If you only purchase them to work out, you may just as well ignore the length. After all, you have to avoid the aches at the end of the day. Of course, your workout sessions should not include band running or other similar exercises. On the other hand, if you look for elegant shoes for your office job, they have to be snugly. Last, but not least, sandals are the easiest to buy, since the open design gives you plenty of possibilities.